What is a Digital Badge?

If you’ve ever noticed the patches that girl or boyscouts wear, then you’ve already had an insight into the precursor to digital badges. Like their fabric forefathers, and the video game based older siblings, digital badges are all about recognizing accomplishments.

Why earn a digital badge?

The Collaborative Music Education Series badges can be incorporated into resumes, e-portfolios, or professional online profiles to demonstrate your achievements with this cross-university content and the standards. Badging is an excellent way to demonstrate your potential within the field to add value to whatever teaching and teach communities that come next.

Digital badges are an assessment and credentialing mechanism that is housed and managed online. Badges are designed to make visible and validate learning in both formal and informal settings, and hold the potential to help transform where and how learning is valued.

L3_System_OverviewFramework for Badges

The badges within this program are intended to align with the National Core Arts Standards and their Artistic Process and Anchor Standards. Using these standards as a model for teaching Prekindergarten through twelfth grade music students, this badging system intends to supplement your learning and teacher preparation with activities directly related to each Artistic Process. Badging in one or all of the four Artistic Processes (Creating, Performing, Responding, and Connecting) will allow you to demonstrate through the creation of evidence your level of familiarity with and the depth of understanding within the National Core Arts Standards framework.

The evidence you create will be evaluated by experienced music educators who work or study in Collaborative Music Education Series universities. Work is evaluated using rubrics. Evidence is evaluated on quality, depth of knowledge, demonstration of knowledge, and your ability to professional address the requirements of the activities. Evaluation is a human process that takes time and may include the possibility of requested revisions to your work. Badges are granted through The Pennsylvania State University Badging system. Badges are awarded by the Collaborative Music Education Series and not through the National Association for Music Education (NAfME) or any other music or arts association.